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Roy Harper Jr. is the son of forest ranger, Roy Harper Sr. and an unknown woman who Harper has no knowledge of. Harper's father raised him on his own until he died in a forest fire while saving Navaho indians. The shaman of the tribe, Brave Bow, raised Harper for some time. Harper was treated as a member of the tribe and grew up as a Navaho indian, he was trained in the ways of archery and excelled at this skill. Harper idolized the Green Arrow as a child and was excited when he learned that he was comming to his tribe. The Green Arrow held a competition to see who the best archer in the tribe was, Harper was eager to impress his idol which he succeded in until the final round where he was given a magnetized arrow which made him miss his shot. But when he helped Green Arrow stop a robber he took him in, adopting him publicly, but secretly training him in the ways of crime fighting under the name "Speedy". Later on Brave Bow died and Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) became his only fatherly figure. Speedy went on to join the Teen Titans and become a government agent, but after the Teen Titans disbanned he became addicted to heroin and was kicked out of Queen's mansion. After going to drug awareness meetings he quit drugs and became a seperate superhero, Arsenal. He lost his arm in a fight with the villian Prometheus

Vital Facts:

  • Real Name: Roy Harper Jr.
  • Occupation: Student
  • Base of Operations: Star City
  • Eyes: Green
  • Hair: Red
  • Height: 5 ft 11 in
  • Weight: 185 lbs


  • Master Archer
  • Martial Arts Master
  • Master Detective
  • Robotic Right Arm