Nekron is the Lord of the Unliving, and one of the most powerful beings in the entire universe. Nekron is able to summon the dead to serve him and is the leader of the Black Lantern Corps. As the ruler of the land of the dead, Nekron is Death and is the eternal tormentor of dead souls. Ruling the Black Lantern Corps from the land of the dead, Nekron organized the attack on the Green Lantern Corps and used Black Hand as a puppet in his plan to eradicate the universe of all life.

Vital Facts

  • Real Name: Nekron
  • Occupation: Lord of the Unliving
  • Base of Operations: Galactic
  • Eyes: Black
  • Hair: None
  • Height: 9 ft
  • Weight: 300 lbs


  • Can control anything that has died and reanimate it
  • Can shoot black lightning bolts from his hands powerful enough to kill even the Gaurdians
  • Lethal touch
  • Immortal

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